Many physician groups and IPA’s are concerned with the tremendous increase in the amount of administration associated with the practice of medicine. As insurance companies and the Government place ever increasing risk on physician groups, you should seriously consider the following questions:

  • Is your medical practice in compliance with federal and state regulations?

  • Does your practice have a plan to insure its long term viability and a value based payment strategy?

  • Are your contracts in line for the services based upon your specialty by area and region?

  • Are you ready for all of the new ways of services you are being entitled to or are some overlooked?

  • Do you have a plan for hiring or outsourcing new employees and other services?

  • Are you aware of the number of participating agreements you have signed and the reporting requirements?

  • Of the contracts you have signed, do you know which program reduces your charges to significantly impact your practice?

  • Have you conducted an in-depth analysis of your  medical practice, i.e., what is your average charge per patient and what is the most frequently occurring procedure by contract?

If you answered No or I do not know then you should contact American Medical Network below for a free analysis.