Operational Services

Here is a small list of services and solutions that AMN offers to IPA’s and large medical groups. If you do not see a service on our list please contact us we may be able to assist you.

  1. Accounting Support
  2. Board of Directors Support
  3. Clinical Integration, Including Risk Contract Management
  4. Contractual Compliance and Negotiations
  5. Federal and State Compliance, Including FTC
  6. Credentialing
  7. Revenue and Expense Support
  8. Medical Management
  9. Committee Formation
  10. Member Benefit Support and Vendor Development
  11. Membership and Contract Database Management
  12. Payor and Plan Relations
  13. Physician and Membership Newsletters
  14. Provider Realtions
  15. Quality Assurance Development and Reporting
  16. Quality Management Plan Requirements
  17. Risk Contract Management
  18. Overall Operations, Including Office Space and Staffing
  19. Project Management and Internal Communications Tools
  20. Clinical Operations and Health-plan Program Deliveries